Building Automation makes the intelligent building and saves money. Even thoes who are not familiar with electronics will find it easy to use, and it does not change the look of a room. If you live in the intelligent building, your fingertips are oll you nead to tune in to the system.

  • ICONA ILLUMINAZIONELIGHTING Control of all types of lighting system. Manual ON and OFF switch controls, remote control and programed
  • Motorizzazione copiaMOTOR SYSTEM Control of the motorised utilities such as curtains, dormers, windows etc..     
  • Climatizzazione copiaAIR CONDITIONING Control of the pumps, electrovalves and control of the parameters such as temperature, pressure etc..   
  • ICONA TELECAMERECCTV Control of the rooms through CCTV installed in the building.     
  • SicurezzaSECURITY Control of the alarm system, anti-intrusion plants, anti-flood sensors, gas and smoke, acces control by means of biometric recognition systems (fingerprint readers) of transponder card readers.   
  • ICONA ENERGIAENERGY Reduction of wastes through a programed use of electric energy, of gas and water (load control) at hours when prices are the cheapest.   
  • ICONA SCENARISCENES Control scenes atmosphere , which is a combination of varius things, for example when you leave the house everything closes and the alarm system goes on or if you are watching a film the lights dim, the shutters go down and the TV goes on etc.   
  • controllo-remoto copiaREMOTE CONTROL System control through a computer, tablet, mobile phone etc.. regarding data transmission and the sending of comands. THE PLANT COMUNICATES WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU ARE.   
  • ICONA AUDIOAUDIO/VIDEO Control of the sound system, TV and home theatre. 
  • ICONA METEOWHEATHER FORECAST You can visualize the wheather forecast.


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